Our Philsophy

Our Philosphy

Hello, welcome to Is That Jazz Radio 1125 FM, First Minute Of A New Day Culture. Duke Ellington when asked to define jazz gave this definition, “if it makes you tap your feet, it's Jazz” . 

While this uniquely American art form has had a storied journey and has been redefined countless times; our philosophy remains tied to Duke's definition.   

We believe it's time for a new approach to radio, a new approach to music, and a new approach to art & culture. We believe, music, art & culture needs a new sunrise, a new day. We need a new beginning that's has it's foundation in the past. We need a first minute of a new day music, art & culture.  

We describe our efforts to entertain listeners  of our musical programming, readers of our magazine and newspaper, as anti-pigeon hole music & culture. In one hour of our musical programming you may hear several different genres all design to  seamlessly conceptualize a thought, feeling or an experience. Thanks for tuning in and stay for a few and enjoy a very unique entertainment experience. 

 Is That Jazz Radio 1125 FM

Gil-Scott Heron "Is That Jazz"